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Chris IDH – Interview: The Greek DJ and Producer Who’s Conquering the Global Music Scene

Today, amid his hectic schedule, we caught up with the vibrant DJ and producer, Chris IDH, over a cup of coffee. He discovered the charm of Paris, performing his music at the Key Club, where he showcased his latest DJ sets. We plan to delve into his musical talent, his international experiences, and what his music will bring us in the future.

What kind of coffee do you drink? An espresso – it awakens the senses. And a double for me.

Have you ever been to Paris before?

Last year, I made my first visit to Paris, where I had the opportunity to play at the L’Arc club.

How do you feel when you play music abroad?

Every time I play outside of Greece, it’s an experience filled with joy and serenity. It’s absolutely therapeutic to see people I’ve met on previous trips who have chosen to hear me again, as well as new friendships formed through our mutual love for music.

It’s always appealing to see everyone enjoying the music you play, while at the same time, trying to win the heart of a yet unexplored audience is a fascinating challenge.

What connects both of these elements is the deep love and passion I feel for what I do.

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Do you still get goosebumps before you play Buya?

Every time I play the song Buya, it’s like I’m discovering it anew. It excites me, and I think the same happens to my audience, seeing their reaction every time the song comes on. How do you feel when you hear it played by other DJs? It fills me with pride. Personally, it would be a wonderful surprise to see a favorite producer of mine playing one of my songs. Has this ever happened to you? Yes, and not only once. Without wanting to offend anyone, when I saw a video of Adam Port playing my songs, I was extremely pleased. What does it make your songs stand out? I believe what makes my productions unique is the combination of many different music genres. And I think it pleasantly surprises people. Is there always something fresh in your songs? I always try to offer something new, creating my own edits and remixes of well-known songs, which are exclusively played in my live sets. I believe this creates a sense of uniqueness that the audience appreciates. What’s new will the world hear from Chris’s decks? I love Jazz Soul melodies and have played the piano since I was a child. So, the surprise for the coming winter will be to blend my DJ sets with melodies that I will create live. A performance that will make the songs more «tasty»!

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Will the audience know beforehand, or will it be a surprise? This summer, I will try out this new approach without announcing anything to the world. However, from winter onwards, the audience will know what to expect. It’s a process that requires substantial preparation and contains the pros and cons of a live performance. It is known as a Hybrid Set. All of these sound like they require an investment of time and energy. Do you feel there is a commensurate return? Through my songs, I translate my thoughts and feelings. It’s my way of communicating and expressing myself. So, seeing people worldwide get inspired by whatever I create and helps them translate their own thoughts makes me feel wonderful. When you’re not behind the decks, what fulfills you the most? I enjoy cooking for my friends and spending time near the sea. The coffees are on me, and off we go to the airport.

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